Studies in History of International Law

Directeur/Editor : Randall Lesaffer

Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet est membre du conseil éditorial de cette collection d’ouvrages, éditée chez Brill, et consacrée aux travaux de recherche dédiés à l’étude de l’histoire du droit international.

Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet acts as a member of the Editorial Board for this Brill collection dedicated to the study of the history of International Law.

Présentation issue du site de l’éditeur/Presentation taken from the editor’s website :

« Studies in the History of International Law is a peer-reviewed book series that publishes books on the history of international law in the broadest possible sense, without any restrictions in terms of geography or chronology. The series includes studies on the law governing relations between independent body politics, from whatever denomination or civilization. It does not reduce the field to the study of the antecedents, the emergence and evolution of international law as it was formed from the Late Middle Ages onwards in Western Europe ».

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