Justice and International Law in a Global World – English


The project’s aim is to reconsider some contemporary matters of International Law, by recognizing evolutions of law and justice related to post-Cold War globalization and therefore, the advent of a global world. It includes several research topics, which are discussed from a comparative, interdisciplinary and critical point of view. The critical point of view is particularly important insofar as since the project members will not yield to readymade appreciations of the discipline’s ordinary thought, which sometimes leads the profession to ascertain only simple assumptions in international Law.

Therefore, it is a question of reconsidering them and of subjecting them to the free examination of all participants coming from different areas of the world, different cultures and different disciplines, in order to support the production of alternative and creative legal solutions which can renew internationalists’ imagination and the contemporary legal view. This considering, senior members of the international team are mobilized for this research program and are also invited to discuss their research with their PhD and Master students. In addition to annual conferences and workshops attached to the topics of the program, spring and summer seminars for PhD students will be organized to this end.