History of International Law

Project officer : Anne-Charlotte MARTINEAU

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Profile and résumé on the Max Planck Institute website

In partnership with

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Professor of legal history at Tilburg University, part-time professor of international and European legal history at the University of Leuven.


Since 1960’s, tales and « anti-tales » of International Law oppose each other in sterile quarrels. Modern Globalization however, brought a shift of visions and stories concerning International Law, the rise to power of subordinate voices, a story told by « the bottom » but also the look for a real global history of International Law.

The initiators of this project call intro question and implement these new ways of considering history of International Law, taking into account the strange persistence and the unwise repetition of internationalist’s behaviors and programs through time.

Annual Master classes co-animated by Pr. Olivier Corten (ULB) and Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet (Sciences Po Paris)

With the collaboration of :

Agatha Verdebout


Phd Student and Research Fellow at the CDI-ULB (Belgique), Granted with a Mini-Arc « projet » funding.

Michel Erpelding


PhD Student (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) working on the subject « Esclavage, travail forcé et servitude – Tentative d’une redéfinition à partir d’éléments historiques » (dir. Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet, since 2009). Currently working at the Ecole doctorale droit international et européen de l’Université Paris 1 .

Thomas Graditzky


Phd Student and Research Fellow at the CDI-ULB (Belgique). His research focuses on the history of international law. Keen interest for international humanitarian law.

B. Jiang’s Research project

Photo-Bin JIANG

Bin Jiang, Master student at Sciences Po Law School. His research interests focus on the use of force, international humanitarian law and international criminal law. His  former internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) brought him to the history of international criminal law and the origin of individual criminal responsibility for violation of international law in the post-World War II military tribunals. He is also interested in the Chinese contribution to the internationalist ideas in the Chinese history, for example the Spring and Automne and Warring States period, the early 20th century and the communist period.


Global History of Internationalist Ideas

Collective project under the direction of Emmanuelle JOUANNET, Dominique GAURIER et Alix TOUBLANC (with the collaboration of Charabamlos, Apostolidis, Arnulf Becker, Li Bin, Emmanuel Cheneval, El Houssein, Elias Goefroy, Thibault Fleury, Maki Nishiumi, Tara Nishi, Tetsuda Toyade, Ipek Zeytinoglu and Lydie Kiki)

(in partnership with Dalloz Editor)

International Law and Empire

Workshop of October 4th-6th, 2011

Organised by Professors Martti KOSKENNIEMI and Anne ORFORD with the Erik Castren Institute for International Law and Human Rights (University of Helsinki), the Institute for International Law and Humanities (University of Melbourne), the European Research Council research project on Europe between Revolution and Reaction 18815-1914, and the Australian Research Council research project on Cosmopolitanism and the Future of International Law.

Is the International Law and Europe laic ?

Autumn 2011

Collective project under the direction of Nathaniel Berman, Günter Franckenberg, Emmanuelle Jouannet, Martti Koskenniemi and Hélène Ruiz Fabri

(in partnership with the University of Helsinki, the Brown University, the Univeristy of Frankfort and the UMR de droit comparé of Paris 1 University)

History of Empires and History of Public International Law – New Approches of Historiography

Symposium organised under the direction of Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral and Yolanda Gamarra – University of Saragosse (November 2012)

With the participation of Antony Carty, Nathaniel Berman, Martti Koskenniemi, Anne Orford, Jose Maria Beneyto, Emmanuelle Jouannet, Pablo Zapatero and Ignacio Forcada.


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